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My Wholesome Life is a health and wellness website that offers recipe inspiration and health tips to those who are following (or are interested in) low-carb lifestyles. The website is inspired by all things paleo, banting, keto, and even carnivore-related and offer the latest news and tips to the community. All these lifestyles are going against the grain of the traditional American food pyramid, turning it on its head, literally! There are many doctors, scientists, and nutritionists who are true advocates of these lifestyles. They practise what they preach and are reaping the benefits of living a low-carb life!

Low-carb living is more mainstream than you think. In South Africa, the medical scheme Momentum Health has partnered with Real Meal Revolution to offer its members a discount on the Real Meal Revolution online keto course.

At the centre of My Wholesome Life’s content are healthy recipes that are easy to prepare. We always try to minimise food waste as much as possible, and if there are perishable leftover ingredients, we’ll suggest alternative recipes or provide tips to reuse the product.

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